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Join us in Academic Innovation for the Public Good

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Office of the Vice Provost for Digital Education

Advancing Innovation for Equity and Opportunity

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Stanford pandemic education report: Lessons can be drawn from COVID-19 emergency remote teaching

Innovations made by staff and faculty during the pandemic have the potential to support students’ well-being and academic progress.

Clockwise from upper left: Kristen Eshleman of Trinity College with Tia Brown McNair of American Association of Colleges and Universities and Lindsey Malcom-Piqueux  of Caltech

Syndicated series Academic Innovation for the Public Good highlights new approach to events

Stanford Digital Education pioneers a new model for aggregating audiences online with eight conversations about books that explore universities’ role in increasing equity and access.

Research and Explorations

An organizer prepares a presentation at the 2023 Immersive Week conference in Rotterdam.

Report from Rotterdam: An update on XR

An annual conference in the Netherlands showcased the latest developments in virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality. How will they improve learning?

Lark Park, director of the California Education Learning Lab

Seeding change for equity and access in higher education

A new state-funded organization is incubating innovation at California public universities and colleges. Its director shares some thoughts in a Q&A about the power of experimentation, iteration, and small-scale change to support student success. 

Stanford Student take the end of the year Oral Proficiency Interview in the Language Laboratory ib May 31, 2022.

Farewell to blue books: Language Center shows benefits of digital assessments

The ability to collect, store and analyze digital data from final assessments offers more than convenience. It can enable educators to measure what students are learning and to make needed improvements. 

Our Initiatives

Academic Innovation for the Public Good

Book conversation on equity in higher education challenges participants to translate values into practice

Tia Brown McNair and Lindsey Malcom-Piqueux spoke with Anita Davis of Trinity College about moving “from equity talk to equity walk.”

"Raise Your Voice"

Teaching fellow describes her work with high schoolers in a new Stanford Digital Education writing course

Dasia Moore writes, "Fortunately for us, there was a great deal our students knew already — about writing, their chosen topics, and the world."

What I learned this summer about virtual education

Stanford Digital Education team members share how summer experiences got them thinking about ways to make digital learning experiences more accessible and meaningful.

Expanding access to Stanford

High school students join "The Search for the Common Good"

A Stanford lecturer and undergraduates bring a college course to Uncommon Charter High School.

Elina Thadhan,pictured on a laptop, teaches a CS 105 section over Zoom.

Alumni bring Stanford computer science to low-income high schools

Changing Course

About Stanford Digital Education

Our Vision

By uniting Stanford’s human and technological capabilities in novel ways we seek a more just, equitable
and accessible system of education.

Our Mission

We incubate and support digital education initiatives across the University that serve the public good.
We help develop Stanford’s online and hybrid education strategies and strengthen its capacity to carry them out.

Web Accessibility

Stanford University is committed to providing an online environment that is accessible to everyone, including individuals with disabilities. Having trouble accessing any of this content due to a disability? Learn more about accessibility at Stanford and report accessibility issues.