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Stanford's Digital Education Strategy Group

The Digital Education Strategy group consists of faculty and staff from each school and some central units who come together to support knowledge exchange among school-level administrators. They aim to foster peer exchange and sharing across those tasked with digital program innovation across Stanford. The DESG helps Stanford move beyond the silos to help colleagues learn from one another, collaborate and innovate together. They aim to strike a balance between central support, collaboration and creative freedom. The group also has an advisory role for our central office and will govern Stanford’s university-wide digital education marketing assets.

Community Engagement: Preeti Hehmeyer
Continuing Studies: Dan Colman
d.School: Sarah Stein Greenberg
Dean of Research Area: Debbie Senesky
Education: Geoff Cox, Mitchell Stevens
Engineering: Tom Kenny, Carissa Little, Jim Plummer
GSB: Peter DeMarzo, Dave Weinstein
H&S: Dan Edelstein, Rafe Mazzeo
Law: Susan Fleischmann, George Triantis
Medicine: Maya Adam, Michael Halaas, Kurt Snyder
Sustainability: Lynn Hildemann
VPDE: Matthew Rascoff, Chair
VPUE: Cassandra Horii
Staff: Priscilla Fiden

2022-2023 University Digital Education Strategic Planning Process & Timeline

National Education Equity Lab Implementation Team

The goal for this project is to pilot a collaboration between Stanford and the National Education Equity Lab through the academic year 2021-22. We seek to expand Stanford’s education outreach and support the University’s mission and engage stakeholders across Stanford in this effort. 

In preparing for the pilot the implementation team will lend expertise to help navigate the planning and launch of this partnership. The team will consider necessary logistics, policies and practices and pathways forward. Drawing on our collective experience and resources, the implementation team will highlight opportunities and challenges to be addressed.

Specific focus during the initial planning will be on course development and preparation for digital delivery and the high school student audience; enrollment and credit; policies related to teaching and mentoring minors; and assessment and evaluation of the project.

Mike Acedo, VPDE
Lisa Anderson, VPDE
Cindy Berhtram, VPDE
Maxwell Bigman, GSE/CS Grad Student
Erik Brown, VPDE
Brahm Capoor, CS105 Head TA
Heidi Chang, GSE
Kyle Cole, Research
Dan Colman, Continuing Studies and Summer Session
Katherine Connor, DCI
Geoff Cox, GSE
Daniella Duran, Nano Shared Facilities
Priscilla Fiden, VPDE
Megan S Fogarty, Community Engagement
Karin Forssell, GSE
Jenn Gardner, GSB
Yosefa Gilon, CS Code in Place & CS Bridge
Preeti Hehmeyer, Community Engagement
Tomohiro Hoshi, Head of OHS
Paitra Houts, Haas Center
Kylie Jue, CS105 Section Leader Coord
Glenn Kleiman, GSE
Meg Lamont, Online High School
Carissa Little, SCPD
Rafe Mazzeo, Mathematics (Chair)
Laura McBain, D.School
Erin McCoy, CS105 Section Leader Coord
Neema Oliver, Introductory Studies
Chris Piech, CS Faculty
Aarti Porwal, SCHE/SoM
Jonathan Rabinovitz, VPDE
Matthew Rascoff, VPDE
Andrew Rothman, SFUSD/Lecturer
Annie Sadler, VPDE
Nereyda Salinas, GSE
Andy Saltarelli, Learning Tech & Spaces
Marc Sanders, SCPD
Tracy Steele, Online High School
Luke Terra, Haas Center
Theanne Thomson, Alumni Relations
Greg Watkins, H&S
Audrey Witters, GSB
Jacob Wolf, CS105 Section Leader Coord
Danielle Wood, Summer Session
Patrick Young, CS-Faculty
Kristina Zarlengo, Online High School

External Collaborators

The Digital Education partners with external organizations to realize Stanford's goals related to digital education and innovation.

National Education Equity Lab