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Greg Watkins

Lecturer for Structured Liberal Education (SLE)

Greg Watkins is a former associate director and longtime lecturer for the Structured Liberal Education (SLE) program at Stanford University — a year-long, residence-based introduction to the Western tradition. In recent years he has expanded the reach of the SLE curriculum, bringing it into high school classrooms. In collaboration with Stanford Digital Education and the National Education Equity Lab, Greg has been providing a high school course called “Searching Together for the Common Good,” which has a focus on moral philosophy. Students in the course have weekly opportunities to discuss the material with the instructor and current undergraduates; those who pass the course receive Stanford University course credit. The course will expand to eight or nine schools in 2024. You can learn about the 2022 iteration of the course and read an Albuquerque Journal story about its impact on high school students at South Valley Academy in 2023. 

Greg holds doctorates in Humanities and Religious Studies from Stanford University, with research interests focusing on the intersections of religion and art. He also has a master of fine arts in Film Production from UCLA, and his undergraduate degree is from Stanford University. In his free time, Greg enjoys cooking and staying active with basketball, hiking, and weightlifting.


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408 Panama Mall, Stanford, CA 94305