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SDE Graduate Student Fellow

Parth Sarin

In addition to being an MS student in Computer Science, Parth is the instructor for "The AI Toolbox: An Everyday Guide," a course offered through the NEEL-SDE partnership. For the course, they design learning experiences that center optimism with the goal of helping students imagine a technological future that they can participate in. That often involves talking with teachers about their classrooms and then building educational resources: from highly-technical apps to well-grounded lesson plans.

Before SDE, Parth studied Mathematics and Public Policy and wrote an honor's thesis in the Graduate School of Education at Stanford. That work focused on unearthing students' lived experiences in technical classrooms, through that ethnography, studying how they discovered their computer science identity.

When they're not working on education, Parth enjoys collecting stuffed unicorns, listening to podcasts, and biking (including a recent trip from SF to DC!).


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