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SDE Graduate Student Fellow

Parth Sarin

Parth works on emerging pedagogies at Stanford Digital Education, writing articles, building tools, and conducting research about technology and teaching. In their contributions to SDE's data practice, Parth organizes and analyzes the data from Stanford's National Education Equity Lab courses to help instructors and course staff craft a data-informed strategy.

Parth's research is about technology and schooling. They conduct ethnographic work in schools where they look at how technology affects the languages and dialects in schools. Lately this has involved studying how teachers use language models in their practice to produce, edit, and evaluate writing. In their more technical work, Parth studies interpretability and security of language models. One of their recent projects looks at how language models memorize data, and the social implications, for example, related to the recent lawsuit between the New York Times and OpenAI.

Before SDE, Parth studied mathematics and public policy and wrote an honor's thesis in the Graduate School of Education at Stanford. When they're not working on education, Parth enjoys collecting stuffed unicorns, listening to podcasts, and biking (including a trip from SF to DC!).


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408 Panama Mall, Stanford CA 96725