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In April 2021 Provost Persis Drell established a committee of faculty and staff to develop a long-term strategy for Stanford’s efforts in digital education. As a result of its work, the Office of the Vice Provost for Digital Education, also known as Stanford Digital Education, was established and officially launched in October 2021. 

Led by Vice Provost Matthew Rascoff, Stanford Digital Education assists in coordinating digital education efforts across campus as well as to help incubate new programs that help Stanford advance its educational mission. To achieve those goals, the office:

  • provides strategy and vision for Stanford’s online and hybrid education;
  • strengthens the University infrastructure needed to create effective digital teaching and digital learning;
  • and acts as the “front door” for external mission-aligned partners with Stanford, enabling them to engage productively to improve education.

Underlying Stanford Digital Education’s work is its vision: By uniting Stanford’s human and technological capabilities in novel ways we seek a more just, equitable and accessible system of education.